Places to see, places to eat (food, that is)!

Oh what did Della wear?

She wore her New Jersey, boys,

She wore her New Jersey!

My grandfather used to sing the States Song to me (along with a lot of other silly ditties) when I was but a wee little lad. And speaking of little, Delaware is the second smallest state in the union (even though it’s twice the size of the smallest - Rhode island). It’s almost the smallest in population as well (45th place). I guess that’s why their state capitol is so small!

The Legislative hall, pictured here, was finished in 1933 and replaced the old state house, completed in 1791. The governor has his office here and the state senate and house of representatives meet and have their offices in this building.

You’ll notice that it looks very different from most other state capitols. How is it different? The style is called “Georgian Revival”. Do you know what that means?

Georgian means of the style that was popular during the reigns of the English Kings George I, George II, George III and George IV (gosh, that’s a lot of Georges!). These kings reigned from 1714 through 1830. That’s over a hundred years of Georges!

Revival means that it’s been brought back. This building was constructed about one hundred years after the end of the Georgian period (though there were two English kings in the 20th century named George).

Capitol Address:

Legislative Hall

411 Legislative Avenue

Dover, DE 19901

Hours: M-F 9-4:30 - 1st Sat of month 10-4

Tour Information: 302-739-9194

Joined the Union

December 7, 1787

Population (2010) 885,122 (45th)

Area (Square Miles) 1,954 (49th) 

Largest City                Wilmington