Places to see, places to eat (food, that is)!

Oh, what did Ida hoe?

She hoed her Merry land, boys,

She hoed her Merry land!

Here I am again, back to the States Song! Sometimes a tune just gets stuck in your head and you can’t make it go away! I think I’ve got that problem right now!

Capitol Address:

700 W Jefferson St

Boise, ID 83702

Hours: M-F 6-6, Sat, Sun & Holidays 9-5

Tour Information: 208-332-1012

Joined the Union

July 3, 1890

Population (2010) 1,545,801 (39th)

Area (Square Miles) 82,747 (11th)

Largest City                Boise

It’s the inside of this capitol that really shines!

The skylight all around the dome of the rotunda was part of architect John Tourtellotte’s plan to let the light into the capitol in Boise, light that symbolizes good government for the people of Idaho. Tourtellotte built light shafts and skylights into his design, and used marble and scagliola* covered columns to reflect the light inside the building. The first thing my son and daughter said when they went into the rotunda was “Wow!”

And the Senate and House chambers have really cool skylights that look like flying saucers!

*material that looks like marble but is cheaper and lighter