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I had to practice the name of this capital city a bit before I could say it right - it has six syllables! Now that I’ve actually been there (and stopped to ask directions several times) I think I’ve got it down.

The people of Indiana are so proud of the great deal they got when they built their capitol, they actually carved the total cost into the wall of the rotunda! The total was $1,980,969.00 and it took 10 years to build (it was finished on Oct 2, 1888).

The inside of the building is light and airy, the walls and ceilings are painted in attractive colors and decorated with fine stencil work. There are two large atria, one each in the north and south wings of the capitol, which connect various parts of the building with a common space and allow light to penetrate from the top to the ground floor.

All around the capitol building, tall buildings have been built, so it’s hard to stand back and get a good view of the whole thing (at least from the east side, which is the front). The situation of the Indiana state capitol building is an example of what happens when there is no long-term planning for city growth (the most important building in the city becomes hard to find and almost impossible to see in it’s entirety). This is really too bad, ‘cause this is a building worth showing off!

Capitol Address:

200 W Washington St

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Hours: M-F 8-5

Tour Information: 317-233-5293

Indiana State Maps

Joined the Union

December 11, 1816

Population (2010) 6,423,113 (16th)

Area (Square Miles) 35,867 (38th)

Largest City               Indianapolis