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Missouri’s previous capitol (on the same spot) was hit by lightning and burned to the ground (it had a wooden dome). So, the citizens of the state voted a bond issue to build a new one. Guess what! The bonds raised more money that was needed! The state legislature decided to spend the money on pork futures, but a group of citizens sued the state, demanding that the extra money be spent only on the capitol itself, since that why the bonds were issued. The Missouri Supreme Court agreed, and slapped the hands of those naughty legislators (figuratively speaking, of course). The disputed money was spent on decorating the building with sculpture and paintings. It’s gorgeous!

Capitol Address:

201 W Capitol Ave

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Hours: M-F 8-5

Tour Information: 573-751-2854

Missouri State Maps

Joined the Union

August 10, 1821

Population (2010) 5,987,580 (18th)

Area (Square Miles) 68,886 (18th)

Largest City               Kansas City