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Capitol Address:

225 N Roberts St

Helena, Mt 59601

Hours: M-F 8-5

Tour Information: 406-444-4789

Montana State Maps

Joined the Union

November 18,1889

Population (2010) 974,989 (44th)

Area (Square Miles) 145,552 (4th)

Largest City               Billings

Western Art in the Capitol

Charles Russell is one of the most famous western American artists and his paintings are worth a lot of money! The big one on the left is called Lewis and Clark Meeting the Flathead Indians at Ross' Hole, and was painted by Russell in 1912. Today it’s on the wall of the Montana House of Representatives, right behind the speakers’s platform. Some people at the capitol think it could be worth over 20 million dollars!

In another room of the capitol, which was built as a library but is now used to hold hearings, are 10 gorgeous landscapes by another well-known western painter, R. E. DeCamp. He and Charles Russell were good friends, and Russell once said of DeCamp;

“That boy can sure paint the wettest water of anybody I know. You can hear his rivers ripple.”