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New York, New York! There’s even a song about it! But the state capital is Albany, not New York city. Construction on their state capitol was begun in 1867, the same year the U.S. (that’s us, you know) purchased Alaska from the Russians (they’ve been trying ever since to get it back). The New York state capitol, though, cost almost three times as much as we paid for Alaska!

Capitol Address:

State St & Eagle St

Albany, NY 12207

Hours: M-F 8-5

Tour Information: 518-474-2418

On line tour

New York State Maps

New York’s state capitol is a massive gothic pile

of intricately and beautifully carved stone, roofed with slate tiles and crowned with terra cotta and stone decorations. Massive skylights illumine the stairwells and help give the building its mysterious and majestic air. The building is so heavy, it began to have stress fractures and to slide down hill toward the Hudson River!. To help stabilize the front of the building, a large exterior staircase was added on the eastern side.

The uneven settling of this super heavy building also caused parts of the ceiling in the Assembly Room to fall down! This forced the builders to make a false ceiling to protect the representatives as they met.

The  new lower ceiling also covered the huge paintings on the original ceiling.

Joined the Union

July 26, 1788

Population (2010) 19,541,453 (36th)

Area (Square Miles) 47,214 (30th)

Largest City               New York City