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Capitol Address:

416 Sid Snyder Ave SW

Olympia, WA 98501

Hours: M-F 8-5

Tour Information: 360-902-8880

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Joined the Union

November 11, 1889

Population (2010) 6,664,195 (13th)

Area (Square Miles) 66,544 (20th)

Largest City               Seattle


Well, it’s about time!

I’ve always wanted to find a buried treasure, haven’t you? What do you suppose Governor Evans put into the time capsule that’s buried beneath the floor of the capital entry hall?

I know what I’d like to find in one! Gold, silver, fabulous elaborate jeweled swords and daggers... and a lifetime supply of licorice candy (you know, the black stuff). Of course, I wouldn’t want the candy to be one hundred years old (gross), so maybe Governor Evans thought of that and ate it all himself!

Do you know what was so important about 1976 that they went to all the trouble of the time capsule? Can you tell me what the big deal was that year (and one hundred years later)?

The state capitol in Olympia was completed in 1928, and like all buildings is sort of a time capsule in itself. Have you ever been in an old building? What are some of the things you notice? Are new buildings made the same way as the old ones?

Preserving old buildings is important partly because they give us a window into the past and can help us understand better what people were like then (and partly because there’s some really cool stuff in old buildings)!

This is the

entrance hall

in the Washington state capitol where

the time capsule is buried under the floor.