Photographer Edward Crim

is certainly not the only red-blooded American who loves our nation’s capitols (just the smartest and best-looking ;-). He’s been traveling the nation to photograph and research our State Capitols since 2004. Here he is at the lantern gallery of the Kansas capitol in Topeka, trying to look nonchalant, even though Kansas has the second tallest domed capitol in the nation.

Edward has personally checked out the following links and thinks they’re good!

Howard Partridge is a consultant and visual artist in San Jose, California. His site is the richest source of information on all 50 state capitols.

Howard Partridge’s Cupolas of Capitalism

The origin of Edward’s state capitols photo project

Fourth grade is the year for state reports. Jillions of fourth-graders across the galaxy (maybe even across the whole universe - I haven’t been there to find out) look on the internet, in the library or consult the local oracle to find images for their reports. What they find are usually poor quality; snapshots taken by an harassed parent on a family vacation, or by a low-level bureaucrat, or drawn in charcoal on the wall of a dark, dank cave by some inaccessible ancestor.

No more, America, will you have to endure this miserable state of affairs in the affairs of states! This site is the result of my efforts to combat visual illiteracy and the forces of jpeg artifacts, and show everyone who is paying attention just what a nifty fifty we have (and I promise not to say anything bad about New Jersey, even though they kicked me out of their capitol)!

So, then; explore, enjoy, learn and be sure to send your comments and criticisms to

Buffalo Architecture & History has a great illustrated Architecture Dictionary. has a lot of links to lots of information about each state. It’s an advertising driven site offering quantity rather than quality.